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Grand Opening for the Chateau Changyu Reina Shaanxi in China

The Reina Castle is now fully operational in the city of Xiangyang, ex capital of the Qin dynasty. It’s the sixth in a series of similar locations opened by Changyu, China’s oldest and greatest winemaker. Changyu chose Augusto Reina – CEO of Illva Saronno Holding, a major shareholder of the Chinese company – to represent the new property, so underlining the synergy between two storied brands synonymous with quality on a worldwide scale. Built in an Italian style, the castle is surrounded by 73 hectares (180 acres) of vineyards with a forecast production volume of 3,000 tons. On the premises is a major wine production center, while the 15,800-sqm wine cellar below – the largest on the Asian continent – can accommodate up to 150,000 wood barrels. These barrels are made from 20 different varieties of wood imported into China from across the globe. Augusto Reina, who is also head of production here, explains: “The wine acquires a particular taste depending on the type of barrel in which it is aged. Therefore we must select the wood that we use very carefully. We must also make sure that the aroma of the specific wood fits the characteristics of the grapes which we cultivate year after year. This is to guarantee that the aged wines we obtain always meet high standards of quality and feature irresistible scents and flavours.” Thanks to the conditions of the terrain of the vineyards, to the integration of Italian and Chinese winemaking techniques, and above all to the close collaboration and know-how exchange between Changyu and Illva Saronno, soon the new products will be able to compete with the finest of world-class wines.

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