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Disaronno is the “world’s favourite Italian liqueur”.
Thanks to its original taste and unmistakable aroma, Disaronno is seen as an Italian stylish icon in more than 160 countries all over the world.
The Disaronno bottle has a unique and distinctive design, made of a special faceted glass, closed by an elegant cap, and decorated with a refined gold label.
Disaronno is a pleasure to taste on the rocks but also in one of its several mixed versions, including the contemporary Disaronno Sour.
Versatile and easily recognizable, Disaronno makes every cocktail unique

Type: liqueur
Alcoholic content: 28%
Colour: a golden amber hue with glints of ruby red
Aroma: intense and persistent fragrance that remains unchanged even with the addition of ice. It is perfectly recognizable in “mixes” with other spirits and beverages/drinks, in cocktails and long drinks
Flavour: sweet and fruit character, complimented by an alcohol-related warming sensation. The basic components of the recipe – natural almonds, vanilla from Madagascar and pure caramelized sugar – add aromatic and alcoholic complexity making the Disaronno taste distinctive and more
***: Being a distilled product, Disaronno does not contain “protein content/part”, therefore it does not cause allergic reactions. Disaronno is also gluten-free
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